Northumbria STAR Society

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Societies Refreshers Fair - Day 2

Coach Lane Campus

Plus points: Not everyone was male, pool and table football thing.

Minus points: Total non-society people who looked at our stall, 0, total people signed up, 0, number of hours wasted doing nothing, 4.

Some photos of the event.

Packing up our stall

Other stalls at the Coach Lane Campus refreshers societies fair

Paul at Coach Lane

Paul and Becky at Coach Lane

Paul at Coach Lane

Our stall at Coach Lane

Coach Lane Campus student union

Simon at Coach Lane

Paul at Coach Lane

Active society promotion

Friday, February 03, 2006

Societies Refreshers Fair - Day 1

Plus points: It was a good idea, we need more members, our stall looked good, the Roses tasted good, Wally from Wheres Wally was in attendance.

Minus points: It was badly advertised by the Union, the Venue doors didnt even have a notice on, around 25 people walked around the room over a period of over 4 hours out of a population of over 10000, our all male presence was scaring off the ladies, and we only got 3 signatures.

Some promotional photos:

The Paul
An image of Paul, or Treasurer sitting at our Student Action for Refugees stall
The Stall
An image of our Student Action for Refugees stall at the Northumbria University Student Union refreshers fair, city campus
An image of Paul and his sweet sweet hat

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Website

Ive pulled together a few website templates which we could use for our official static website. If anyone has a preference, comment or email me and ill see what I can do, otherwise i'll just choose one myself in a week or two.

The Second Encounters
Blue Leaves
Blue Blog
Blue Clouds
Doctors Office
Voodoo Dolly

Monday, January 23, 2006

An Introduction

Right, I'll explain my idea about this a little bit.

We need a website for the society, with all the normal website stuff on, general information, a few photos and contact details. The problem with most websites is that once a website has been created, its never updated, people never re-visit it and loose interest. With the addition of a blog, we have an easy way to provide an up-to-date look at what STAR Northumbria are doing at present.

Becky, I envisaged the blog being used for things like updates on projects we are doing, details of things the board may have discussed in meetings, requests for help, highlighting of issues which you may consider relevant, posting general information which might be of help, anything relating to the society really, possibly even to discuss problems we might have with the get the picture. I dont think it should be limited to just the board, anyone who we trust who is involved with a STAR project and is in our society could be given access, for example, Lauren could post about her clothes sorting thing.

I think for now, one of these to encompass all our projects is enough, we arent big enough yet that people will be posting multiple entries per day on random projects.

Ill be filling the bar on the right with as much relevant content as I can find but I need ideas, so get commenting!

It may be an idea to invite guest bloggers to post some ideas, like we could ask Perry to write a short article explaining why the Harbour Project is needed and what goes on there.

Hmm, good good.

No doubt this media will help with the dissemination of ideas! We could include it in our flyer and put blogs up of ALL the projects we're involved with...yes, yes (I like this)! Give people some real STAR flavour, not too spicy but I bet there's chilli's in the mix, ouch! Excellent, makes me feel eletric!!

Sunday, January 22, 2006


hello! wow this feels a bit new and exciting. so whats all this about simon? just easier to keep in touch with everyone and share ideas? i like it.